California high-rise sprinkler retrofit bill is revised

California high-rise sprinkler retrofit bill is revised


In California, a high-rise sprinkler retrofit bill vetoed by that state’s governor last year has been revised, reintroduced, and is seeing new political life.

The legislation sponsored by state Senator Art Torres, California State Bill 323, differs from his defeated bill, SB 2896, in several ways:

  • It establishes a statewide minimum standard for installation in all existing high-rises above 75 feet, with local governing bodies able to adopt stricter standards;
  • different installation requirements
  • for commercial and residential structures;
  • extends the time for implementation from four years to five;
  • state and local fire authorities decide on reserve, on-site water supply.

Following the defeat of SB 2896, Sen. Torres met with representatives of those involved in the issue; SB 323 is the result of those talks. The bill is nowmaking its way through the legislative process again. It passed the state senate’s Housing and Urban Affairs Committee in March.

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