California To Get Mobile Radio Centers

California To Get Mobile Radio Centers

The Federal Communications Commission recently granted the application of the State of California for five mobile fire radio communication dispatch centers to be operated on any fire radio service frequency authorized for use in the state. This is reported to be the first FCC authorization of its kind ever granted to the fire service.

The five mobile centers will be located throughout the state, where they can quickly be put into operation in the event of major fires or disasters where large amounts of fire equipment respond. Flach center will be equipped with enough transmitting equipment to function on any fire radio channel assigned in the state as well as crystals for every fire channel in use in California.

In the past a fire control officer has not been able to transmit to mutual aid equipment at large fires because of the variety of radio channels involved. Under the new plan, a fire control officer, who usually knows in advance the radio frequencies of mutual aid units, can quickly establish appropriate radio circuits and make radio contact with these units without delay. The plan was recommended by the California Governor’s Fire Advisory Committee and the State Fire Marshal’s Advisory Board.

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