Call Boxes Combined With Alarm Boxes

Call Boxes Combined With Alarm Boxes


Money was saved and citizen services extended when the functions of police call boxes and fire alarm boxes were combined in a new Gamewell EVCS system.

Citizens in West New York, N.J., began using police call boxes to report emergencies many years ago. As the practice became common, the boxes were modified to include a turn-handle which, when activated by the citizen, sent a prefix annunciated signal to the police department. Near each police call box was a code fire alarm box for sending fire alarm signals.

This system worked quite well until the city was faced with replacing both the police call and fire alarm boxes. Since EVCS is compatible with telegraph cable systems, it can be employed for fire alarms, citizen emergency voice communication and police calls.

The top half of each West New York EVCS box has a pull-hook for reporting fire alarms. Signals are transmitted to the EVCS central office receiving unit at the fire department communications center.

The bottom half of each box has a door, behind which is a familiar telephone handset. By simply removing the handset from its cradle, an encoded signal is immediately transmitted to the EVCS central office receiving unit at the police department communications center. While the encoded signal is being transmitted, an audible signal indicates to the caller that the box is operating. Upon termination of the signal, the line is clear for direct voice communication with the police department dispatcher.

The EVCS box is designed so that the handset must be returned to the cradle switch after use to be reset. If the handset is not “on hook,” the box will immediately signal the central office to advise of its conditions.

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