Callahan Re-elected Iowa President

Callahan Re-elected Iowa President

Chief H. J. Callahan, of Fort Dodge, Ia., was re-elected President of the Iowa Fire Chiefs’ Association for the fifth consecutive term at the annual convention held at Ames.

The association will try to secure necessary legislation to divert the proceeds of the present two per cent insurance tax to the municipalities for a new equipment fund. It is also working on a plan for reciprocal aid. A list is being prepared of fire apparatus in every city in the state. The Chiefs cvant a change in the liability status relative to accidents involving fire apparatus on the public highways.

A four-day fire school was held in connection with the convention. The extension department of Iowa State College has decided to sponsor district schools in five or six key cities in the state for the benefit of members who cannot afford to attend the state college.

The state officers were re-elected. They are Chief H. J. Callahan. Fort Dodge, President; Chief Joe Dobson, Keokuk, Vice-President and Chief Morris. Secretary-Treasurer.

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