Cambridge Firemen Stop Bad Fire

Cambridge Firemen Stop Bad Fire

A very good stop of a threatening fire in Cambridge, Mass., was made on the morning of Nov. 1 by the department under direction of Chief James M. Casey and DeputyChief Cutler Vose.

The blaze originated in a 4-story frame storage building on Brookline Street and had already communicated to the rear of an adjoining frame tenement when the first apparatus reached the scene.

A second alarm was at once sounded and streams were brought into action from rear fire escapes and roofs of nearby structures while two lines were taken over the stairway in the tenement. The wind was blowing the fire directly toward the tenement and quick work was necessary to save this structure the rear of which was well involved.

The new searchlight wagon of the department proved its value. Dense smoke hampered the operations of the department. Among those witnessing the fire was Chief Selden R. Allen, of Brookline, who complimented Chief Casey very highly upon the efficient handling of the blaze. The flames had obtained great headway before they were discovered shortly before 2 a. m. by a party in an automobile returning from a Hallowe’en celebration. Six families living in the tenement house were aroused and made their way to the street in safety. The fire was in a thickly settled neighborhood. Damage was estimated at $25,000.

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