Cambridge, Mass., Has New Station

Cambridge, Mass., Has New Station

A new fire house has been completed in Cambridge, Mass., at the junction of Broadway and Cambridge Street and is designed to confirm to the architecture of the Harvard University buildings in the immediate vicinity. It is a brick structure of Georgian type. The size and type of window panes match the windows in the college structures and the cupola of the fire house has a painted dome similar to those on the new Harvard dormitories.

Engine Company No. 1, Ladder Company No. 1, and Rescue Company No. 1 will be quartered in the new house. There will be a separate garage at one side of the building for the car of Chief James M. Casey and in the rear will be a 2-story fireproof wing to hold the fire alarm headquarters.

There are five doors for the passage of apparatus. The main floor will provide space for an engine company of two units, a hook and ladder truck, rescue company, and car of the Chief of department.

The dormitories have beds for forty-two firemen and there are separate rooms for the officers. Spacious lockers, shower baths, toilets, clothes drying rooms, and supply closets are provided. There is a large smoking and recreation room.

Architect's Sketch of New Fire Station for Cambridge, Mass.

Eventually the fire alarm equipment will be transferred from the Inman Square fire house to the new structure and the office of the city electrician will also be moved there.

The house will be placed in service soon after the first of the new year, but it is not expected to have the new fire alarm apparatus installed until mid-summer.

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