Camden Fire Department

Camden Fire Department

The annual report of Chief Engineer Elfreth, of Camden, N. J., for the year 1908, shows his department in good condition. Camden had a population of 76,000 at the time of the last census, and must be considerably larger now. To provide the fire protection for this city there is a manual force of one chief engineer, three assistants, 12 captains and as many lieutenants of companies, seven engineers of steamers, seven stokers, 20 drivers, three tillermen, 21 hosemen and 14 laddermen, being a total of one hundred officers and men available for fire duty, with seven housemen appointed to close the house and care for same while the companies are absent at fires or responding to alarms.


riie apparatus of the fire department consists as tollows in active service:

Six steam fire engines.

Six combination hose and chemical wagons, with two 35-gal. tanks; capacity, 800 ft. of hose.

One two-horse hose carriage; capacity, 800 ft. of hose.

One one-horse hose wagon; capacity, 800 ft. of hose.

One areial hook and ladder, 75 ft.

Two city hook and ladder trucks.

One double 60-gal. tank chemical engine.

One chief engineer’s carriage.

Two assistant chief engineer’s carriages.

One coal supply wagon; capacity. 1V5 tons.


)ne second-class Button lire engine.

Two two-horse hose carriages.

The apparatus of the department is in good condition. Repairs have been made to them when rendered necessary by accident or general wear during the year.


There are 39 horses in the department, dis tributed as follows: Six engine companies, 23: three hook and ladder companies, (5; one chemical company. 2; two hose companies, 4; chief en gineer, J: assistant engineers; 2; extra, 1.


The houses occupied by the department are nine in number, five of which are engine, houses, one hook and ladder house, two combination houses, one containing two hose companies and a hook and ladder company; one containing a chemical company and hook and ladder company; all in good condition.


The department has on hand 14,450 ft. of cot ton hose, as follows:

No. 1 Engine Company, 2,400 ft.

No. 2 Engine Company, 2,550 ft.

No. 3 Engine Companv 2,500 ft.

No. 4 Engine Company, 2,050 ft.

No. 5 Engine Company, 2,150 ft.

No. 1 Hose Company, 1,400 ft.

No. 2 Hose Company, 1.400 ft.

Also loo ft. of chemical hose.

The total number of fires for the year was 102. These occasioned a total loss on buildings and contents of $241,655, and the insurance on the same was $468,014.

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