Capt. McNeill of Fayetteville Buried

Capt. McNeill of Fayetteville Buried

All Fayetteville, and delegations from various cities in North Carolina assembled at the bier to pay the last respects to Capt. James D. McNeill, fireman and organizer of the South Carolina Firemen’s Association, who was buried on February 11.

At the request of the mayor, all business stopped during the funeral rites. The body was borne to its final resting place on a piece of apparatus that was named in his honor. As the funeral procession wended its way to the cemetery, sirens moaned and a bell in the city tolled slowly.

The honorary pall bearers were selected from fire department officers prominent in North Carolina. More than two hundred such men were in line. The Fayetteville lodge of B. P. O. Elks and members of the fire department attended in a body.

Hundreds who failed to gain admittance to the church went to the cemetery to witness the final services. It was one of the largest funerals in the history of the city. The newly made grave was heaped high with floral tributes nor was the grave of his wife who died earlier forgotten. Many floral tributes were placed on her resting place. Thus did Fayetteville and North Carolina honor one of her noted fire-fighters.

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