Captain Tom Magner Retires

Captain Tom Magner Retires

Captain Thomas F. Magner has retired after serving 26 years with the Bridgeport, Conn., Fire Department, to resume newspaper work.

Captain Thomas F. Magner

“Tom Magner,” as he has been known for twenty-five years to hosts of readers of this publication and, we are happy to say, as he will continue to sign his contributions, as New England correspondent, joined the Bridgeport Fire Department on Dec. 1, 1918, and was one of the first four captains to be appointed under civil service. He entered the department while employed as sports editor of the Bridgeport Telegram, to which paper he has now returned.

Following his appointment he was appointed to Lieutenant on Feb. 1, 1920, and sent to the Fire Prevention Bureau, since disbanded. He became aide to Asst. Chief Alexander S. Mellor, now retired. In 1936 he was shifted to Engine Company 3 and later placed in charge of Engine 6. Serving in nearly all of Bridgeport’s fire stations, Capt. Magner was in command of Engine 9 at the time of his retirement. He was the only officer on the list for advancement in the event the post of assistant chief became vacant.

Tom’s many friends in the fire service will wish him success in his new job.

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