Care in Stretching Hose Line

Care in Stretching Hose Line

The following suggestions contained in a recent order issued by the fire commissioner and chief of the New York department will apply equally to the officers and men of the fire-fighting forces of other cities:

“Rank carries responsibility. Deputy chiefs of department are responsible for administration, discipline, order and efficiency in their divisions at all times. Battalion chiefs are similarly responsible in their battalions.

“Chief officers shall instruct company commanders how to properly stretch hose lines at fires; also, to properly place and dispose of surplus apparatus, with a view to keeping the streets in front of fires clear for the free movement of apparatus of all kinds.

“Companies ‘stretching-in’ in a careless, slovenly manner (hose strewn all over the roadway), will be regarded as reflecting carelessness and discredit on their division and battalion commanders. An immediate improvement in this important work is desired and expected.

“No persons, other than members of the uniformed force of the fire department or honorary officers, shall be permitted to ride on the apparatus of the fire department responding to or returning from fires.”

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