Lightning led as a cause of fire deaths in Ohio during the month of July, says State Fire Marshal H. A. Dykeman, there being 8 deaths and 12 injuries reported up to the 30th.

High voltage wires and other electrical troubles killed seven people, and Fourth of July claimed two victims—one child and one man. Thirty people in all were killed during July in Ohio by fire or fire causes. Of the deaths, 13 were children. The causes of their deaths were lightning, 1; matches, 4; electric wires, 3; gunpowder (lockjaw) 1; hot clinkers, 1; bonfires, 1; oil (probably murder victims) 2.

fuly, 1921, shows four more deaths and 20 more injuries than for the same month last year—in fact, the number of injuries being greater than for any one month since the casualty record was kept, but 33 of these injuries must be attributed to a return, in certain localities, of the old-time Fourth of July.

Among the injury causes was one where a match head flipped into a celluloid tray on a dresser. The woman of the house was badly burned and the room suffered from fire.

The fire marshal calls attention to the danger of using celluloid in any form where there can be friction or fire.

Ohio is averaging over one death a day from fire and nearly one-third of the deaths per year ate babies.

As usual, carelessness is responsible for 97 per cent of the horrors, even in the lightning cases where proper education would have shown the victims that they were taking chances on not Inung properly housed when the different storms break.

The fire marshal’s department also says that the lightning loss to property for July will be heavy.

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