Carrying Small Hose

Carrying Small Hose

A special harness for carrying small hose, particularly to be used for operations in large buildings equipped with standpipes and linen hose, has been designed by the Fire Department of Denver, Col., of which John F. Healy is Chief.

One man from the first ladder truck arriving at the fire proceeds with this equipment to the floor involved and he attaches the one hundred feet of lined linen hose to the standpipe outlet nearest the seat of the fire, if the fire is in an incipient stage. This saves time while the heavier engine lines are being stretched in.

Most of the standpipes of the larger buildings have been made to conform to the department couplings, but where they are 21/2-inch couplings, an adapter is carried with the assembly, so that the l1/2-inch hose carried in the harness, may be used.

The value of this evolution and harness was demonstrated at a theatre fire. One man with the light hose had a blaze under control before it could be reached with the regular 21/2-inch hose.

Harness for Carrying Small Size Hose

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