Carthage, Ill., to Have New Water System

Carthage, Ill., to Have New Water System

Construction of a new water works system for Carthage, Ill., is under way and rapid progress is being made to completion. Excavation for a clear water basin was made through a layer of quick sand. Heavy rains washed the sand down into the basin as fast or faster than the excavating crews could dig it out, and as a consequence it took much longer than was expected to make the excavation and pour the concrete floor of the clear water basin. The forms for pouring the walls and floor of the pump room were laid during the week of August 10, and the floor was poured on August 19. The pump floor is constructed of concrete nine inches thick, and the walls are twelve inches thick on three sides, all reinforced with steel. The fourth side of the wall, which is the side that connects the pump room and the coagulating basin, is to be eighteen inches thick.

On August 19 the floor of the pump house was poured, and on that day the forms were moved from the part of the conduit that had been poured, farther down and the rest of the conduit was to be poured the next day. This concrete conduit is made with walls nine inches thick, reinforced with steel. It runs through the dam north and south, from the south edge of the intake apron to the north side of the dam. The ten-inch intake pipe will run through this conduit, and thence over to the coagulating or raw water basin.

The walls of the intake tower are to he of concrete about nine inches thick, reinforced with steel. On the south wall of the tower will be three gates, through which the water will be taken. The three gates are used because with them water can be taken from any one of three levels, according to the depth of water in the lake, and according to the quality of the water that is, if the water seems clearer at one level than another, the supply can be drawn from the clearest level.

On the east side of the conduit, the puddle core has been completed. On the west side of the conduit the core is being filled, but that work will be delayed somewhat until the conduit is completed.

Work of laying the eight-inch main from the filter house to the tower on Walnut street has been commenced. The new tower will be located west of the present water tower. It will be made of steel, and will be about 102 feet high, with a water capacity of 80,000 gallons.

When completed the building containing the pumps and filter room will be attractive. It will be concrete to the ceiling of the pump room, surmounted by a sixteen foot brick office building. The brick building will be fully equipped with office rooms, and all modern conveniences for the operator living therein.

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