Catamaran Fireboat Planned

Catamaran Fireboat Planned

Japanese shipbuilders, among the most enthusiastic developers of catamaran boats, now plan to build a powerful fireboat with a catamaran-type hull, perhaps the first of its kind.

Among the features of interest will be a maximum speed of 18 knots, two fire fighting decks and a water tower of the elevating platform type which will rise 60 or more feet above water level.

Artist's rendering of proposed new fireboat

According to officials of the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency, which is developing this new approach to fireboats, the requirements for speed and the multistructure construction necessitating good stability, determined the choice of a catamaran hull design.

Powered by two 1,100-hp engines, the catamaran fireboat will be nearly 75 feet long and will be equipped with 12 deck pipes with a discharge capacity of approximately 6,800 gpm. In addition, it will have chemical fire fighting equipment as well as a water curtain sprinkler system on all sides of the ship to protect it from exposures.

Agency officials expect the catamaran fireboat to cost approximately $335,000 and will request funds for its construction in the Japanese government’s budget for fiscal 1964. The boat will be used in the Tokyo-Yokohama harbor area.

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