(Continued from last week.)

Election of Officers.

Election of officers resulted as follows: President, T. H. Verner, McKeesport, Pa.; vicepresident, Alba L. Holmes, Grand Rapids, Mich.; state vicepresidents: F. J. Brinkoetter, Quincy, Ill.; Thos. McNamce, Wabash, Ind.; Asa Williams, Owensboro, Ky.; W. A. Clark, Wyoming, Ohio; W. J. Scroggins, Wheeling, W. Va.; H. C. Lee, Sharpsburg, Pa.; S. B. Russell, St. Louis, Mo.; Fred Bosch, Whitewater, Wis.; secretary, W. A. Veach, Newark, Ohio; treasurer, A. W. Inman, Massillon.


Financie Committee: George F. Cooper (chairman), Xenia. Ohio; ferry O’Shaughnessy, Columbus, Ohio; W. B Mitchell, Piqua, Ohio.

Executive Committee: John Langan (chairman). Tipton, Ind.: F. B. Leopold, Pitttrg, Pa.; C. W. Wiles, Delaware, Ohio.

Mr. John Langan, of Tipton, Ind., suggested that the 1910 convention be held at Indianapolis, stating that there has been recently organized in Indiana a very active association of waterworks men with whom it is proposed to hold a joint meeting The Central States Water works Association was very handsomely entertained at their last visit to Indianapolis and Mr. Langan felt confident would receive a very hospitable reception. The invitation was unanimously accepted.


President-elect Verner, in responding to his election, expressed his thanks to the convention for the honor conferred and made a strong plea for united action along lines of increasing the membership and the attendance at the annual meetings. Mr. Verncr’s remarks were so magnetic that by the time he had concluded he had obtained another associate member. Mr. William Schwertherger. the retiring president, congratulated the association on the success of the present meeting in interesting papers and discussions notwithstanding the absence of the usual lavish entertainment features and bespoke for his successor the same courtesies that had been extended to himself.

Davis Resolutions.

On motion of Mr. John Langan resolutions of sympathy and condolence were adopted upon the death of .Mr. F. A. W. Davis, of Indianapolis, an esteemed and honored member of this association.

Secretary Veach paid a high tribute to Mr. Davis, and upon his motion similar action was taken with regard to Mr. N. Paul Fenner, of Cincinnati. Resolutions of thanks were adopted to authors of all papers, to B. P. O. Lodge No. 37, the various local committees, the Columbus Driving Association, the flocking Valley Railroad, the Southern Hotel, and the daily and technical press.

Secretary Veach called favorable attention to the special souvenir edition of KIRK AND WATER KXOINKKRINC,.

The ladies’ reception committee showed the visiting ladies a very nice time, escorting them to points of interest and on various sight-seeing automobile trips, with a theatre party Tuesday evening. The following composed the local ladies’ reception committee:

Mesdamcs Bond, Karshner. Marshall, Hirsch, I hitcher, Barr, Me Alpine, Taylor, Weeden, Crall. Fisher, IVarse, Walters, Jackson, O’Shaughnessy, Holliday and Pray, and Miss O’Shaughnessy.


The Hays Manufacturing Company. Erie. Pa., showed a full line of waterworks supplies, including extension service boxes, McNamara hydrants and gate valve attachments for curb boxes; also Minneapolis pattern curb boxes, etc. They distributed handsome souvenir memorandum books. 1’hey also showed the smiling countenances of their two well-known popular representatives, Mr. T. J. Nagle and Mr. E. E. Myers.

The Glauber Brass Manufacturing Company, of Cleveland and New York were represented by Messrs. A. I. Fischer and Lee Dinkel, showing a complete line of corporation and curb cocks; the famous Glauber five-year guaranteed goods; also samples of castings, starting from the rough metal itself on through the course of construction to the finished product; all comprising a very creditable display equal to any ever shown by them at a convention. They distributed souvenir paper cutters.

Mr. W . T. Junkins. chief engineer, Wheeling. W. Va., reports that his city recently let a contract with the Allis-Chalmers Company, at Milwaukee, for not the largest hut the heaviest pumping engine in the United States. The low-pressure cylinder is no inches in diameter, the largest steam cylinder ever made for this service; 6-foot stroke, triple expansion engine, 20,000,000 gallons capacity, with a guaranteed duty of 165,000,000 foot pounds and a pressure of 150 pounds per square inch. The fly wheel shaft is 27 inches in diameter.


The convention adjourned sine die at noon Thursday and the afternoon was utilized by a trip to the filtration works and pumping station. The mechanical features of these have already been described in this journal. The site of the basins above the storage dam has an area of about 150 square miles. The watershed is pretty well cut over and run-off is very quick and brings drown a very heavy turbidity at times, the heaviest turbity reading this spring being about 1.600 p.p.m. The turbidity coming in the first stages of a flood is principally heavy stuff, which is rather easy to precipitate, hut what follows several days later when the water has receded somewhat is a very fine clay that is very difficult to precipitate and necessitates the use of comparatively large quantities of coagulant. There is not a large population on the watershed, but typhoid is occurring almost constantly above it. and in nearly every examination made coli is found in the river water. This is treated with lime and soda ash and the resulting precipitate is finally filtered out. Today there is found in the settling basins almost immediately issuing from the reaction tanks an exceedingly clear and brilliant water. At this time of the year the river is quite clear, but the hardness of the water varies a great deal and the changes are very violent at times, the maximum total hardness being a little under 500 p.p.m. During the heavv floods the water is sometimes so soft as not to require any softening at all, hut treatment is necessary because of the high turbidity at such times, when lime has to be added to re-act with the coagulant. The changes are so violent that they sometimes amount to 100 p.p.m. hardness in a day. The permanent hardness at times goes as high as 175 p.p.m., speaking in terms of calcium carbonate. Soda ash is used to re-act with the sulphates, resulting in the formation of sodium sulphate, and the carbonates of lime and magnesia, which are then precipitated by lime. The result is that a water is obtained approximating so to 90 p.p.m. total hardness, which is almost equally divided between alkalinity and incrustants, the latter being sulphate of lime and magnesia principally. 12 grains to the gallon. The plant has been run without soda ash for nearly a month at one time during the summer. The minimum amount of lime is 3 to 4 grains. Sulphate of iron and sulphate of alumina at times are used for the coagulant. Before it reaches the city the latter is entirely removed from the water by chemical reaction.


The bacteria have run up as high as 150,000 per c.c.. and on that occasion were reduced about 99.9. The total amount seldom runs over 100 in the filtered water. Besides Mr. Copeland, who is the chemist in charge of the plant, there are three assistant chemists, one of whom is constantly on hand and examinations of the river water and the treated water at various stages in the process are made at frequent intervals. When the water is changed rapidly on account of the spring floods the chemists have to step pretty lively to avoid either over-treatment or undertreating the water. The maximum lime treatment is 16 to 18 grains per gallon; soda ash about 10 to


Following is a list of those in attendance:

Robert Welling, Supt.. Covington, Ky.

John G. Weaver, Sec. Covington City Water W’ks.

R. P. Bricker, Sec’y Shelby Water Co., Shelby, O.

A. Voegtle, Mgr. Arc Coil Co., Sharpsburg, Pa.

H. C. Lea, Supt. Water & Light, Sharpsburg, Pa.

T. H. Verner, Supt. Water & Lt., McKeesport, Pa.

A. M. Fisher, Supt. Waterworks, Coshocton, O.

H. J. Putnam. Thomson Meter Co., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Herman Carter, Pres. Bd. Pub. Affairs, Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

Jas. Wilkerson, Supt. Waterworks, Bellaire, O.

A. W. Inman, Supt., Water Co., Massillon. O.

J. W. Strackbein, A. P. Smith Mfg. Co., Newark, N. J.

C.Arthur Brown, American Steel & Wire Co., Lorain, O.

Wm. Allen Veacli, Sec’y C. S. W. W. Assn., Newark, O.

w. C. Holliday, Superintendent Construction, Columbus, O.

John Langan, Superintendent, Tipton, Ind.

Win. Sclnvertfeger, Secretary Waterworks, Wheeling, W. Va.

T. J. Nagle, Hays Mfg. Co., Erie, Pa.

F. F. Myers, Hays Mfg. Co., Erie, Pa.

S. Bent Russell, Consulting Engineer, St. Louis.

H. W. Collins. Roe, Stephens Mfg. Co., Detroit. Mich.

Alba L. Holmes, M.E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

D. H. Fobes, Buckeye Pump Co., Columbus, O.

Mentor Hetzer, Supt. Water Co., Mounsville, W.Va.

Chas. A. Pearse, Com. Waterworks, Columbus, O.

H. C. Miller, Waterworks Dept., Columbus, O.

W. E. Otto, Sec’y Waterworks, Columbus, O.

A. H. McAlpine, Hersey Mfg. Co., Columbus, O.

J. G. Dun, Columbus Driving Ass’n, Columbus, O.

F. E. Stevens, Corbett, Stevens Co., Columbus, O.

W. A. Clark, Supt. Waterworks, Wyoming, O.

R. P. M. Lewis, Fire and Water Engineering. New York City.

Chas. R. Wilson, Sec. Builders’ & Traders’ Exchange, Columbus. O.

A. B. Young. Water & Light Co., Kent, O.

A. G. Sandblat, M.D., McKeesport, Pa.

Jerry O’Sliaughnessy. Columbus, O.

George M. Keefer, Pittsburg, Pa.

Robert Herron, Superintendent, Chillicothe, O.

Chas. R. Wilson, Columbus, O.

C. W. Wiles. Superintendent, Delaware, O.

Roy A. Hobbs, Barnesvllle, O.

W. B. Mitchell. Phiua, O.

C. E. Inman, Supcrintoiident, Warren, O.

T. W. McNamee, Superintendent, Wabash, Ind.

A. G. Fischer, Glauber Brass Mfg. Co., Cleveland. O.

Lee Dunkel, Glauber Brass Mfg. Co., Cleveland, O.

Thos. Ford, Bourbon Copper & Brass Works, Cincinnati, O.

A. .T. Prav. Pittsburg Meter Co., Columbus. O.

W. Schofield, Benwood Water Co., McMechen, W. Va.

J. C. Pearson, Pittsburg Meter Co., Dayton, O.

A. S. Otis, Union Water Meter Co.. Worcester, Mass.

E. H. Matheny, Columbus, O.

F. C. Weaver. Columbus, O.

G. Cathcart, New York, N. Y.

D. C. Condon. Columbus, O.

Wm. Evans, Cambridge City, Tnd.

Mord Nelson, Mem. B. P. S.. Bellaire, O.

M. A. Lvnn, Asst Engineer. Wheeling. W. Va.

W. T. Junkins, Chief Engineer Waterworks. Wheeling. W. Va.

W. J. Scroggins. Superintendent. Wheeling. W. Va. Thos. Weston. Supt.. East McKeesport, Pa.

E. F. Mull, Hersey Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill.

George F. Cooper. Superintendent. Xenia, O.

W. B. Mitchell, Superintendent, Ptqua, O.

W. W. Jackson, Engr. Water Supply. Columbus. O.

Immediately after the close of the convention and before tile members had left for the afternoon trip to the purification plant, Mr. John Langan, chairman executive committee, received the following letters and telegrams, which he at once read in the hotel lobby to the assembled delegates. They were received with enthusiasm as confirming all that Mr. Langan had promised of the Indianapolis people:

“Having just learned through MV. Boyd, of the Indianapolis Water Company, that your association is in session at Columbus, Ohio, we wired you to-day as follows: ‘The Commercial Club of sixteen hundred members, extends a most cordial invitation that your next convention be held in Indianapolis.’ We are writing to confirm this telegram and to assure you the courtesies of the club will be extended to the members of your organization should you accept the invitation. We shall be glad to be of any service in our power in assisting to make the convention a success. We are sending you, under separate cover, a souvenir edition of our city, together with literature exploiting its superb advantages as a convention city. The Commercial Club, Robert G. McClure, secretary.”

“We tried to get in touch with the mayor and the secretary of the Commercial Club, but were unable to do so, but forwarded to you this morning telegrams from the mayor and Commercial Club and the water company, extending a most cordial invitation to the association to meet with us next year. In connection with this matter, we desire to thank you for remembering us, and if the convention comes here, which we certainly trust it will, we will do our best to see that they have a good time. I will greatly appreciate it if you will wire me, at my expense, just as soon as the matter is decided. F. C. Jordan, secretary Indianapolis Water Company.”

The following telegrams were also received:

“We join the city and commercial bodies in extending a cordial invitation to yourself and association to hold your next annual meeting in this city. Indianapolis Water Company, F. C. Jordan, secretary.”

“On behalf of this city, I extend to you our cordial greetings and invite you to hold your next annual meeting in this city. We are amply equipped to take care of you all and will insure you a hearty welcome. Charles A. Bookwalter, secretary.”

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