CFSI Webinar Deals with Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service

An upcoming Web program will feature Dr. John Hall, Director of the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Analysis and Research Division, talking with Bill Webb, Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI) Executive Director, the. Dr. Hall will discuss some of the important findings of the Third Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service that demonstrate how the AFG and SAFER grant programs are addressing the needs of fire departments. In July, Dr. Hall shared these findings in a briefing on Capitol Hill for congressional staff. The information he will present is of great value to the fire service’s efforts to maintain congressional support for both programs.

To register for this Webinar please email by 12 noon, August 18th.

Established in 1989 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy institute, CFSI is designed to educate members of Congress about the needs and challenges of our nation’s fire and emergency services so that the federal government provides the types of training and funding needed by first responders.

Please visit to learn more.

DATE: August 18, 2011

TIME: 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. (EST)

LOCATION: Your personal computer!

COST: Free

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