Chainsaw Focus of Fire Investigation Near Foresthill CA

Within a few steps of where firefighters doused hot spots from a Wednesday morning fire, a chainsaw with a single glove still sitting on it sat near freshly cut tree branches and a snapped power line, reports

A few more steps away, the incident commander on that 1.8-acre fire explained the key question in a now-active investigation.

“How did the tree get there is what we’re trying to determine and what caused it to come down into the power line?” said Ty LaBelle, a Cal Fire incident commander.

LaBelle said that at 8:52 a.m., a fire was reported along Spring Garden Road outside Foresthill in Placer County.

“We had a tree down into a power line, which then sparked a vegetation fire,” said Anthony Wuester, a Cal Fire firefighter.

Wuester said a group of men near the scene of the fire acknowledged they were cutting trees in the area near the time of the fire.

However, Wuester said the men denied that they had anything to do with the tree that fell into the power lines.

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