Change the Way You Think About Your PPE

Statistics have shown the risks firefighters face in their line of duty, especially as it relates to cancer and heat stress. Unfortunately, job-related exposure to carcinogens and other fire-ground toxins is a reality, but there are a few things your department can do to lessen contamination and the effects of long-term exposure.

First and foremost, we collectively need to stop looking at fire gear as a product and begin to look at it as a solution. A solution to provide flame resistance, thermal protection, and contaminant filtration; a solution to aid in the reduction of heat stress and exposure to carcinogens.

Fire-Dex has an entire product development team dedicated to protecting you, head-to-toe, from occupational dangers such as fireground carcinogens and overexertion. They have combined some of their newest, health-conscious innovations to help keep you and your department safe.

Change the Statistic. Defend Yourself with the Interceptor Package™

  • FXR Turnouts built with Active Posture Design™ to help reduce overexertion
  • H41 Interceptor™ particulate barrier hood, scientifically-tested to block 98% of carcinogenic particles
  • TECGEN51 dual-certified to be the go-to for 90% of your calls and minimize contamination

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