Changes in the Baltimore Department

Changes in the Baltimore Department

At a recent meeting of the board of fire commissioners of Baltimore, Md., the announcement was made of the retirement of Captain John Pruger, of No. 17 Engine Company. He entered the department on April 10, 1890, and was promoted to a lieutenancy on July 11, 1891. He was made a captain on March 1, 1898. He has a fine record and will be missed by his men.

Lieutenant Theodore G. Roth, of No. 27 Engine Company, was promoted to a captaincy to succeeded Captain Pruger. He was appointed a member of the department on January 1, 1902, and was promoted to a lieutenancy on July 1. 1904. Tillerman Louis E. Schleicher, of No. 0 Truck Company, was promoted to a lieutenancy. He entered the department on September 6, 1899.

The board accepted the resignation of Pipeman Martin J. Lindong, of No. 15 Engine Company, and Pipeman Oliver J. Young, of No. 21 Engine Company. Probationers John H. Nolker, Conrad R. Helweick and Joseph E. McCormick to the grade of laddermen or pipemen.

At an examination for pipeman or ladderman the following passed successfully: John H. Nolker, 100; Conrad R. Helweick, 100; Joseph e.. McCormick, 98; Charles F. Mueller, 98; Roy J. Sullivan, 98; George H. Austin, 96; Samuel W. Bond, 90; Frank L. Rrendel, 96; Harry H. Assmann, 96; George G. Harrer, 96; William H. Kuehn, 94; John A. Haskie, 94; William J. Roach, 94: Samuel L. Halfpenny. 92; John P. Matthews, 88; Walter Jarzynskt. 84.

John R. Herr, ladderman of No. 18 Truck Company, who was reduced from the rank of captain several months ago by the fire board for failure to comprehend signals, tendered his resignation as a member of the department, hire Commissioners Richard 11. Johns and Isaac Frank promptly accepted the resignation.

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