Changes in the Springfield Fire Department.

Changes in the Springfield Fire Department.

The appointment of ten new men to the roster of the fire department by the Board of Fire Commissioners at Springfield, Mass., is said to be the final move in preparation for a general shake-up in the whole department. All that remains now to be done is the working out of a schedule of assignments by Chief Daggett. The shake-up will include both men and apparatus, as the changes to be brought about and the new men appointed will mean the opening of a new substation on Margaret street. The new station will have to have a quota of six men. There will be transfers of both men and apparntus from one station to another, a move which the fire department officials believe will work for the good of the force. Seven of the men just appointed are additions to the department. The other three were chosen to fill vacancies. All of the ten were appointed from the civil service list of cligibles.


The erection of the new substation on Margaret street made it necessary to have some additions to the department, and the city council had to grant authority for this. Then the fire board has been busy securing new pieces of apparatus, all motor-driven, and Chief Daggett will undertake the task of dividing all the apparatus now available among the different fire houses so as to place the different pieces where they will be most effective. There are certain stations which are badly in need of new or additional apparatus, and as far as possible these will be taken care of. Most of the men assigned to the new Margaret street station will be old members of the department, while the ten new ones will be placed so that probably not more than one or two of them will do duty at the same station.


Omaha, Neb., will be asked to vote on the proposition of issuing bonds in the sum of $8,250,000 to take over the water plant and to make extensions, which the Water Board deems necessary.

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