Charleston Experiments New Fire Alarm Box

Charleston Experiments New Fire Alarm Box

Chief Behrens, of the Charleston, S. C., fire department is trying out the Harrington-Seaberg fire alarm box in order to test the “quick action door,” which is a feature of the box. The new door which can be fitted to the boxes now in service, will, it is claimed, facilitate the sending of fire alarms. The new box is of the sixteen round, non-interfering, succession type, and the two inner cases and outer case are of cast aluminum, which reduces the weight pearly fifty per cent. This makes it possible for one man to install the box. Chief Behrens will observe the box in action from day to day and will probably refer to it in his annual report to the board of fire masters.

St. Paul, Minn., has ordered for its fire department four Ahrens-Fox triple combination pumpers.


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