Charleston Fire-Fighters Long in Service

Charleston Fire-Fighters Long in Service

SEVERAL of the officers of the Charleston, S. C., fire department have records of long and faithful service. Heading this list is the veteran chief. Louis Behrens, who will have rounded out on June 10 next, 49 years of continuous service. He has been with the present paid department since its organization in 1881 and previous to that time served with the volunteer organization for six years.

All three assistant chiefs of the Charleston fire forces also can boast of long records. J. J. Bennett, first assistant, has been in the employ for thirty-six years; G. H. Benedikt, second assistant, has a record of twenty-six years, and J. H. Wohlers, third assistant, has twenty-two years.

Other officers and members who can lay claim to having served (he city many years are: H. F. Behrens, batteryman, thirty-three years; C. F. Piquette, general helper, thirty-three years; D. Bowman, driver, thirty-eight years; W. Castillo, catain of combination company three, twentytwo years; H. Taylor, engineer, twelve years; T. McIndoe, fourteen years; T. P. Daggett, captain of engine company four, thirty-four years; J. H. Shriver, engineer, thirty-three years; C. R. Bates, driver, thirty-five years; H. Leopold, lieutenant, thirteen years; E. Floyd, engineer, forty years; P. Mandich, hoseman, thirty-six years; R. H. Mears, captain of truck company one, twenty-four years; H. C. Ford, lieutenant, thirty-four y-ears; B. Laurence, ladderman, twenty years; J. Gibbs, ladderman, thirty-six years; W. Robinson, eighteen years. The late Capt. R. M. Sigwald had served twenty-four years in the fire department.

The majority of the privates of the department are young men, few of them being over thirty years of age.

Chief Louis Behrens, Charleston, S. C.
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