Charlotte Seeks Improvements

Charlotte Seeks Improvements

Need for more fire stations and more fire-fighting personnel and equipment to keep pace with the rapid growth of Charlotte, N. C., is voiced by Fire Chief Donald S. Charles in an urgent appeal to the heads of the city government.

Reporting that Charlotte firemen answered 116 alarms in a period of 120 hours, starting Dec. 22nd, Chief Charles said that some of the blazes occurred at the same time in widely separated areas, and that the engine units were heavily rushed in covering the fires.

The chief’s statement followed another discussion in which he and Captain Henry Hoyton of the Charlotte Life Saving and First Aid Crew, outlined the needs for some permanent arrangement to continue the life saving efforts.

Captain Horton said that $6,000 is needed this year if the life saving crew is to continue its work. Military calls have hit hard at the crew’s manpower and only 16 men are left for active duty in a squad that should be expanded to at least 60 active members and 30 trained reserves. In addition to the voluntary-crew, Captain Horton has proposed that a full-time life saving unit be set up within the Charlotte Fire Department. Chief Charles agreed, and said at least eight additional men would be required, fouy to a shift, plus the necessary equipment.

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