Chat: Fire Service Court at FDIC 2014

At FDIC 2014, the firefighter-attorneys of Fire Service Court radio–Chip Comstock, John K. Murphy, Brad Pinsky, and Curt Varone–discuss the legal outlook for firefighting in the year ahead. The lawyers discuss the firefighter-police rivalry at emergency scenes and firefighters carrying guns.

BRADLEY M. PINSKY is an attorney in New York and the first assistant chief with the Manlius (NY) Fire Department. He represents more than 500 fire departments, fire districts, and ambulance services.  He has a monthly radio show on and teaches nationally.

John K. Murphy, JD, MS. PA-C, EFO, has been a member of the fire service for more than 32 years. He retired in 2007 as a deputy chief and chief training officer. He has been a licensed attorney in Washington State since 2002 and in New York since 2011. He is a contributor to Fire Engineering on legal issues, a participant in Fire Service Court Blog Radio, and a national speaker on fire service legal issues.

DAVID C. COMSTOCK JR. (CFO) is a 32-year veteran of the fire service and chief of the Western Reserve Joint Fire District in Poland, Ohio. He is also a civil trial attorney who represents fire departments and firefighters. He lectures and writes extensively on topics related to chief and company officer operations, liability, and personnel issues. 

CURT VARONE has more than 40 years of fire service experience. He retired in 2008 as a deputy assistant chief with the Providence (RI) Fire Department. He is a practicing attorney, licensed in Rhode Island and Maine. He has written two books and remains active as a deputy chief in Exeter, RI.

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