Chattanooga Assists Trenton, Ga., in Big Fire

Chattanooga Assists Trenton, Ga., in Big Fire

A fire which threatened the town of Trenton, Ga., with destruction occurred on July 22. It was discovered about 3:15 o’clock in the afternoon in the lumber yard of the W. G. and W. F. Morrison Company. About 100 men and boys were soon fighting the flames by forming a bucket brigade. However, these measures were futile as the heat became so intense from the burning lumber that these men were driven back.

Assistance was then called for over the telephone from Chattanooga and Fire Commissioner E. D. Herron ordered Engine Company No. 2 of the Chattanooga department to the scene, under the command of Assistant Chief I. C. Barkla. The Amcrican-LaFrance 750-gallon pumper made the run of 19 1/2 miles in 24 minutes. After looking the situation over Chief Barkla ordered the pumper to be driven into the town creek located about 300 yards south of the fire. A line of about 1,200 feet was then rapidly laid. At this time the fire had been burning for about an hour and practically every foot of lumber in the yard was in flames. By the time the water was pumped from the creek into the single hose line, the station of the Southern Railway and the building of McBryar Brothers were smoking and it looked as though they were doomed. However, the stream was turned on these buildings and they were saved. The stream was then moved from place to place and the fire prevented from spreading further. At about 6:30 P. M., three hours after the fire was discovered, the fire was announced under control.

It is said that one reason for the lumber burning so rapidly was the fact that it was nearly all of pine. The Chattanooga pumper operated for 6 1/2 hours without a hitch and undoubtedly saved the town from destruction. This was the first run of the Chattanooga fire department outside of Hamilton County limits since 1916, when the apparatus was sent to the relief of Atlanta, during a conflagration in that city.

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