Chattanooga (TN) Firefighters Battle Scrap Yard Fire

A firefighter in an aerial flows water onto flames shooting from a burning scrap yard in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


By Bruce Garner

A fire broke out in a scrapyard shortly before 2:00 this afternoon, sending up a plume of thick, black smoke that could be seen from virtually any part of town. The Chattanooga (TN) Fire Department responded with four fire companies to Mill Direct International, located at 2100 Rossville Avenue. The firefighters quickly set up their aerials and using their master streams, poured hundreds of gallons of water per minute in an effort to get the intense fire under control. Firefighters said much of what was burning were petroleum-based products, such as rubber, foam, and plastics.

Captain David Thompson Jr. with Squad 1 said the firefighters would suppress the fire as much as possible with large amounts of water, and then use heavy machinery from the scrapyard to remove layers of scrap from the burning pile. They would continue that operation until the fire is completely out.

No injuries were reported in connection with the fire, but Battalion Chief Lesley Morgan said later this afternoon that one firefighter was transported to a hospital by Hamilton County EMS for heat exhaustion. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Bruce Garner is the Chattanooga (TN) Fire Department Public Information Director.

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