Chemical Plant Destroyed

Chemical Plant Destroyed

Fire, which originated from an unknown cause, completely destroyed the one story brick mill type plant of the Watt Chemical Company just outside the city limits of Toronto, Ont. The building measured 100 by 175 feet.

The blaze was discovered by an employee at 12:30 p.m., and a telephone alarm was sent to the Mt.

Dennis Fire Department. When the men arrived, it was found that the entire plant was in flames. Flying embers covered the district. Calls for additional apparatus were sent to West York, Oakwood, Weston and Toronto.

When two pieces of apparatus and a Chief arrived from Toronto, it was found that embers had started fires on shingle roofs of houses several blocks from the chemical plant.

The large amounts of lime in the plant generated fumes which handicapped the firemen.

Fire was fought from three sides, with seven streams of 2 1/2-inch hose. As the hydrants were far apart, long hose stretches had to be made. There were seven pumpers, one hose truck and two ladders at the fire. One piece of apparatus was kept busy extinguishing roof fires. Due to the fire there was a traffic tie-up on Weston Road for about two hours.

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