CHEMTREC to Field Calls For Pesticide Advice

CHEMTREC to Field Calls For Pesticide Advice

CHEMTREC, Chemical Transportation Emergency Center and the Pesticide Safety Team Network (PSTN) have combined their communications links to provide a more unified system to deal with chemicalrelated accidents.

CHEMTREC, sponsored by the Manufacturing Chemists Association (MCA), is now the contact for both services and will provide a direct round-the-clock link to 10 PSTN area coordinators across the country.

The Pesticide Safety Team Network was organized in March 1970 to provide emergency assistance in the event of a pesticide spill or accident during transportation. The service is a cooperative voluntary program operated as a public service by the National Agricultural Chemicals Association and 14 member companies.

In the event of a major accident or spill of pesticides during transportation or warehousing, the 24-hour answering service provided by CHEMTREC will relay requests for assistance to the coordinator in whose area the help is needed.

The person requesting assistance will be contacted by the PSTN coordinator in a matter of minutes and will be instructed about the immediate measures to take. The coordinator will also determine whether to dispatch a safety team to the scene.

Since its beginning on September 5, 1971, CHEMTREC has served to provide emergency guidance and assistance to fire and police services and carriers in incidents involving chemicals in transportation. During this short period of operation, CHEMTREC has handled more than 4000 incidents and 22,000 phone calls.

A voluntary program of MCA, which has 182 U. S. member companies, the center operates 24 hours a day with a toll-free nationwide telephone number, manned at MCA headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The CHEMTREC emergency number is (800) 424-9300.

During its five-year operation, the PSTN had previously operated through a 24-hour answering service in Cincinnati. This program will be phased out over the next three years by an “operator intercept” procedure instituted by Cincinnati Bell Telephone. The caller will be given the CHEMTREC number to call for assistance.

CHEMTREC is not a contact for general chemical industry information, but is a source for assistance to emergency crews and carriers involved in a chemical transportation incident.

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