Chicago Claims World Record

Chicago Claims World Record

Chicago believes that it has lowered the world record for a particular kind of department evolution.

Engine Company No. 4, in charge of Captain William J. Mackenzie, slid down the pole from the dormitory, boarded the apparatus, made a run to a hydrant, attached the suction line, laid out three hundred feet of hose and had an engine pressure of one hundred pounds all in the remarkable time of forty seconds.

The apparatus was out of quarters in eight seconds, had travelled 570 feet to the hydrant in fifteen seconds, had attached the suction and laid out the hose in thirty-five seconds and developed the engine pressure in forty seconds. This heat the best time in Chicago by eight or nine seconds.

This company has a Seagrave pumper and is one of the busiest units in the department. On one occasion they made a fourteen mile run to Evanston, Ill., and they answer more special alarms than any other company.

Captain Mackenzie, during the past ten years, has handled about 1,500 prospective pump operators and he is well versed with the various types of pumpers. At the time of the Burlington building fire, he was especially commended for his rescue of an aerial truck that was left in the path of a wall that was ready to crash any moment.

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