Chicago Consumer Asks for Meter.

Chicago Consumer Asks for Meter.

In a letter to the Chicago Tribune the writer asks: “Will you please advise me why it is that I cannot secure a water meter in my home? I

know several people who have them, and their water bills are not nearly as high as those who are forced to pay for water other people use.

“R. G. H.”

The assessment against premises occupied by the writer of the above amounts to $12.50 gross, $1.87 discount, $10.03 net. Section ‘.£193 of the water ordinances, which is quoted below, provides that a meter shall not be installed when the net assessment does not amount to $liiO or more per year.

“Meter Required—When. Every building, structure or premises where the net assessment under frontage rates and charges for extra fixtures shall aggregate one hundred (100) dollars per annum or more shall have the water supply to such building, structure or premises controlled by meter.”

Under the circumstances, you can sec how impossible it is for me to install a meter for the complainant except by violating the plain intent of the ordinance. 1 here was a time, years ago, when the ordinance was so constructed as to >ermit anybody to have a meter, and, in ajl probability, those premises surrounding M15 liryan avenue which have meters secured them before the ordinance was amended to read as at present.


Superintendent of Water.

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