Chicago Fire Tears Through Commercial Strip

Chicago firefighters train a hoseline on a fire in a row of stores.



Chicago firefighters responded last Tuesday to a 2-11 fire that tore through a row of businesses in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the city’s South Side, and fire photographer Steve Redick passed along photos and video from the fire.

According to Redick, the fire in a row of stores took out the whole half block. Crews contended with high winds and, later in the incident, heavy rains.

A sudden collapse occurred on the 47th Street side, but all members were well clear and no one was injured, Redick said.

The Chicago Tribune reported that no injuries were reported in the fire, which started around 10:25 p.m. and took about four hours to put out. The fire began in a one-story building that housed the Dollar City store and quickly spread, prompting the Chicago Fire Department to dispatch at least four fire engines, two apparatus, and a tower ladder truck.

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