Chicago Firemen Killed at Fire

Chicago Firemen Killed at Fire

One Chicago fireman was killed and another seriously injured when fire did damage estimated at $150,000 to a wing of the Tuley high school, Claremont and Potomac Avenues on the city’s West side.

Thomas Vaid, 27, was the fireman killed and another fireman of the same company was injured. They were endeavoring to raise a ladder in the alley alongside the burning structure when the roof of the three-story schoolhouse crashed down, hurling tons of bricks and other debris on the hapless men.

Engine 57 responded to a still alarm at 4:13 a.m. A box was immediately pulled and upon arrival of Division Marshal Thomas Scanlon, a 2-11 was sounded at 4:21. Joseph Mackey, Second Deputy Chief Fire Marshal, ordered a 3-11 at 4:33, a 4-11 at 4:42 and a 5-11 at 4:54. Comissioner Michael Corrigan, who arrived shortly after the 2-11 was pulled, ordered special calls for five engines each at 5:11 and 5:21 a.m. Anthony Mullaney, Deputy Chief Fire Marshal, also responded, coming from the far South side.

Nearly six hours elapsed before the thirty-two engines extinguished the blaze completely. A total of fifty-seven pieces of apparatus responded. Although Fire Attorneys Frank Kearney and Earl Downes investigated the matter thoroughly, they announced finding no evidence of incendiarism. The school has an enrollment of 3,300 students with 105 teachers.

During the height of the blaze, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a half-block away, was darkened for seventeen minutes, when wires supplying current were burned. Sisters and nurses calmed the patients.

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