Chicago Patrol Improves Houses

Chicago Patrol Improves Houses

With the opening of the new headquarters of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol, Chief Frank C. McAuliffe was so well pleased with the workings of the Automatic apparatus door equipment that he has ordered similar equipment for four more patrol houses. This order includes an outfit for Patrol No. 3, the busiest fire company. During the past five years this company has responded to over 2,700 alarms each year.

Seven of the nine patrols are now equipped with products of the Automatic Power Door Manufacturing Company. Chief McAuliffe expects to have the remaining companies fitted out as soon as plans for such alterations can be approved.

M. E. Krause is special fire department representative of the door equipment concern in the Chicago territory.

Los Angeles, Cal., Orders More Boxes—Since the original order of 260 fire alarm boxes from the Harrington-Seaberg Corporation, Los Angeles, Cal., has placed an order for fifty additional boxes.

Blairsville, Pa., Chief Killed—George A. Kuhn, thirty-five years old, chief of Blairsville, Pa., was thrown from the apparatus while on the way to a fire and died in the Homeopathic Hospital. He sustained a fractured skull and a number of body bruises.

Portland, Ore., to Sell Fire Bonds Portland, Ore., will sell $224,000 bonds to pay for the construction of three new fireboats and new fire stations in the Lentz, Woodstock and Peninsular sections. The bonds will also pay for the new central fire alarm office.

Flat Pension Rate Planned for Toledo, O.—It is planned to have a flat pension rate of $100 a month in Toledo, Ohio, after a man has served twenty-five years, regardless of his rank. At the present time the firemen receive from sixty dollars a month, and the pension scale is increased the higher the rank.

Chief Mahoney of Peabody, Mass., Injured—Chief William C. Mahoney of Peabody, Mass., was severely burned about the face and hands on December 30 by an explosion of naphtha during a fire that destroyed a building of the A. C. Lawrencc Leather Company in Peabody. Six other men were injured in the same explosion.


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