Chicago Seeks Improvements

Chicago Seeks Improvements

The Chicago Fire Department in February completed specifications for two new fire boats and 53 pieces of apparatus and took steps to speed the improvements with a 1 1/2-million-dollar bond issue approved last September.

Fire Commissioner Michael J. Corrigan and Chief Fire Marshal, Anthony J. Mullaney, have requested that bids be advertised for at once, stressing the shortages in reserve fire department apparatus, which are at a lower point than at any time in the past 25 years. Most of the city’s reserve fire equipment, it is reported, is nearly 30 years old.

The city has only one fire boat, the Fred A. Busse. One of the new boats will be located in the Calumet River at 92nd street and the other in the south branch of the Chicago River at Throop street. The new boats will embody recommendations submitted by crew-members of the Busse and will be 92 ft. long with a pump capacity of 10,000 g.p.m. at 175 p.s.i. The Buss is rated at 7,500 g.p.m. at 150 p.s.i. The new craft will be diesel powered and have quarters for eight firemen.

Other improvements sought include 35 pumpers, each of 1,000 g.p.m. rated capacity at 150 p.s.i.; 12 ladder trucks with 85-ft. aerials; two rescue squad cars; two gasoline trucks and two repair trucks.

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