Chief Beckerle of Danbury Retired

Chief Beckerle of Danbury Retired

Chief Peter F. Beckerle, of the Danbury, Conn., Fire Department and one of the best known fire fighters in New England, was retired on a pension of half pay on March 13 after rounding out fifty-four years as a member of the department and eighteen years as Chief. His successor has not been named. Assistant Chief John Ireland is in temporary charge of the department.

Ex-Chief P. F. Beckerle

During the fifty-four years that he has served as a fireman. Chief Beckerle has not missed a single fire that has occurred in his city. Chief Beckerle entered the Danbury Fire Department as a volunteer on May 1, 1881. His first duty was as foreman. In 1893 when he was named Assistant Chief of the department.

On May 1, 1916, Chief Beckerle was promoted as Chief of Department, succeeding the late Thomas A. Lounsbury, who was placed on the pension list. Under his direction the Danbury department was one of the first departments to become completely motorized. The National Board of Fire Underwriters has complimented Chief Beckerle many times for his efficiency and splendid record.

In 1916 the Danbury department numbered but twelve paid men. One of the most forward steps taken by the veteran Chief was the installation of the two-platoon system. Chief Beckerle was also instrumental in securing four wage increases for the department, placing his men on an equal basis with other departments in Connecticut.

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