Chief Browning of Central Calls, R. I., Dead

Chief Browning of Central Calls, R. I., Dead

The Late Chief Robert Browning.

Chief Robert Browning of Central Falls. R. I., died as the result of injuries sustained at a fire on November 20. His death brings to an end a life devoted to the science of fire-fighting and to activities in the various firemanic organizations.

The chief responded to a call to fight a Pawtucket. R. I. fire in a paint shop. In addition to Chief Browning, the owner of the shop lost his life.

Two years ago on November 19, Chief Browning was presented with a gold badge as a mark of esteem in which he was held by the various members of the fire department. More than three hundred were present at the presentation of this badge and a short history of the chief was read.

Chic f Browning joined the Central Falls fire department thirtythree years ago as a call man. Two years years after that he was appointed a permanent fireman and a year after this, he was promoted to lieutenant and superintendent of the Kendal street station. Seven years ago he was advanced to the captaincy of Hose 2 and later when Chief Clinton A. Wilbur resigned from the department in 1922, Chief Browning was given entire charge of the department.

The funeral services for the late Chief Browning were held at St. George’s Church, Central Falls, and his former comrades met at the fire headquarters from where they left in a body to the church.

What the Chiefs Saw at New Orleans Above is a picture of George Sylvest, Indianapolis police strong man, breaking stones with his bare fist. This picture was taken at historic Chattanooga, Tenn., where the police and firemen stopped on their way to the New Orleans meeting. When in Chattanooga, Sylvest and his party had an opportunity to view the magnificent scenery around that city. He repeated this stone breaking act, and performed other notable strength stunts in front of the hotel at New Orleans.

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