Chief Burnett Marks 35th Anniversary

Chief Burnett Marks 35th Anniversary

Will Burnett, head of the fire department in Des Moines, Ia., celebrated his thirty fifth year in the fire service. As a gift from “the boys” he was presented with a large bowl containing thirty-five American Beauty roses, one for each of his years of service.

Looking at the roses, the chief remarked, “It’s hard to realize that each one of them means I’ve spent a year with the department. Before they were brought in to me. I was thinking how short the thirty?five years seemed. But each rose that I look at makes me feel that’s it’s been a long, long time.”

When he joined the Des Moines Fire Department on February 22, 1895 as assistant chief there were two stations and fifteen men. Today there are seventeen stations and 192 men in the service. Chief Burnett plainly remembers the funny little straight caps that the men wore when he first joined.


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