Chief J. R. Canterbury, the head of the fire department of Minneapolis, Minn., whose portrait accompanies this notice, joined that department on May 1, 1883—when it was only a call department, and was assigned to duty as pipeman on chemical engine company No. 1. On October 4, 1884, the department, was made a permanent force. On February 2ft, 1880, Pipeman Canterbury was promoted to be lieutenant, from which position he rose to be captain on Decernber 8, 1887; second assistant chief on January 9, 1891; and chief engineer, in succession to Chief Frank I. Btetson, on January 2, 1899. Under Chief Canterbury, who is a useful and working member and a vice-president of the International Association of Fire Engineers, the fire department of Minneapolis continues to maintain, and improve upon the high state of efficiency which it reached in the past, and, as he is a thoroughly up-to-date man and a fireman who studies the subject of fire protection from every standpoint, there is no fear of the department falling back, always provided that the city authorities act well their part towards their firemen.


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