Chief Chambers to Retire

Chief Chambers to Retire

Chief Arthur E. Chambers, head of the Yonkers, N. Y., Fire Department, will retire on November 21, because of a local ruling which makes mandatory retirement when reaching the age of sixty-four. This is the same ruling which forced the retirement of Ex-Chief James J. Mulcahey, his predecessor.

Chief Chambers was appointed to the department on May 1, 1901. He became a Lieutenant on August 2, 1902, a Captain on May 5, 1918, Third Assistant Chief in 1921, Second Assistant Chief in 1924, First Assistant Chief in July, 1931, and Chief in December, 1931.

Chief Arthur E. Chambers

He has stood firmly by his men, and in 1934, when a local civic association claimed that the Yonkers men could not measure up to the standards of New York City, said;

“No braver, more loyal or efficient group of men ever served any city than the firemen of Yonkers.”

Last summer, he and his family enjoyed a vacation trip to Europe. Department associates, local residents and friends in the New York Fire Department gave him an outstanding sendoff.

Chief Chambers has been very active in fire associations. Last summer he was elected Vice-President of the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs.

The Compulsory Retirement Act was passed in 1931. and applies to the Police and Fire Departments.

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