Chief Chase of Lynn, Mass., Retired

Chief Chase of Lynn, Mass., Retired

Edward E. Chase, veteran Chief of the Lynn, Mass., Fire Department, has retired on pension. He was born on June 8, 1862, and was appointed as substitute call man on March 8, 1885. He became a reguar call man on March 10, 1888, being assigned to Engine Company No. 2. On March 12, 1897, Mr. Chase was made call captain of Engine 2. He became Chief of the Lynn Fire Department on Dec. 13, 1912.

Ex-Chief Edward E. ChaseChief William F. Welch

During the nineteen years that he served as head of the Lynn fire forces he had to contend with many serious fires especialy in the factory district of the city. Under the administration of Chief Chase the department was completely motorized and many other improvements were made in the service. He is a member of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association, the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, and the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Chief Chase will be succeeded by Deputy Chief William F. Welch, who joined the department as a substitute call man on May 16, 1891, being assigned to Engine Company No. 2. He was appointed a permanent call fireman on Feb. 25, 1895, and transferred to Chemical Co. 1. Welch was made a permanent fireman on March 6, 1898. On April 28, 1894, he was transferred from Engine Company No. 2 to Engine Company No. 4. On April 6, 1905, he was promoted to Captain and assigned to Chemical Co. No. 1. Welch became Assistant Chief on March 1, 1913, and was assigned to the central district of the city. On March 24, 1919, he was made a Deputy Chief. Upon the application by Chief Chase for retirement. Mayor J. Fred Manning, of Lynn, announced that Welch would be appointed Chief of the Department. Chief Welch is a past President of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association.

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