Chief Clancy Thirty-three Years in Service

Chief Clancy Thirty-three Years in Service

The Milwaukee Leader gives the following sketch of Chief Thomas A. Clancy, who has been a member of the department of that city for the past thirty-three years. He has been head of the department for 13 years, having been

appointed chief July 11, 1909. Chief Clancy has had many narrow escapes during his career, the most notable one being at the Schwab Stamp and Seal Company fire in 1903, in which the late Chief Foley and three other firemen died as the result of inhaling chemical fumes. Clancy was confined to the hospital for weeks. Another narrow escape occurred at the Goodyear Rubber Company fire, 1913, when he left just before it caved in, carrying nine men to their death. Clancy’s rise in the department was rapid. He was appointed August 17, 1885 September 8, 1888, he was given the position of lieutenant. On March 8, 1889, he was appointed captain. He was appointed fourth assistant chief June 27, 1894. He was given the position of first assistant chief February 8, 1903. When Chief Meminger died, July 5, 1905, Clancy, who had been filling the position of acting chief from April 19 of that year, was appointed chief. Chief Clancy was elected president of the International Association of Fire Engineers, and owing to the death of the late president, Chief Harry Marston, he was called on to serve in that capacity two years in succession. Those present at the conventions in Providence and Chicago will remember the ability he displayed at those times in conducting the proceedings.

Chief Thomas A. Clancy, Milwaukee.

The town of Tonawanda, N. Y., is threatened with a strike of the firemen unless the men are granted an increase of salary. The aldermen say that the terms of the city cnarter prevent them from raising salaries, and that if the men will not work for $85 a month others must be appointed. The firemen assert that it is unfair to hold them at such a salary under the present abnormal conditions, as they can make more money in fewer hours at other work.

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