Chief Cody Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Chief Cody Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Chief William B. Cody Atlanta, Ga.

Chief William B. Cody, of the Atlanta, Ga., fire department, on Friday, July 6, celebrated his forty-fifth anniversary as a member of that department. Chief Cody entered the ranks of the city’s fire service during the volunteer days of 1878, and for two years was a driver with the volunteer company at Washington and Alabama Streets. When the city took over the volunteer department,

Chief Cody became a driver of the old Talullah Fire Company, which was in the business section of the city on Broad Street. In 1892 he was promoted to a lieutenant and in 1895 received his commission as captain. His supreme advancement came in 1915, when he was elected chief of the present department. Looking as though he had hardly reached the age of forty-five, instead of having served that long as a fire fighter, Chief Cody said he never felt better in his life and that he intended to serve the city for forty-five years more.

Paducah, Ky., Gets New Fire Equipment—The fire department of Paducah, Ky., recently acquired new fire equipment, consisting of 2,500 feet of 2 1/2-inch fire hose, 200 feet of chemical hose, a life net and a deck pipe, the cost of all amounting to $3,600, according to a statement of Chief John M. Slaughter. The life net was satisfactorily tested, hut the hose will not be accepted until thoroughly tested by the chief.

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