Chief Creegan of Rochester, N. Y., Retires

Chief Creegan of Rochester, N. Y., Retires

William J. Creegan, Chief of Fire Department, Rochester. N. Y., has been retired on his full pay of $4,935 a year and Deputy Chief Maurice Keating has been appointed his successor.

Chief Creegan retires after forty-seven years in the Fire Department and Chief since June 1, 1930. He was appointed a fireman on March 20, 1884; captain, July 2, 1890; Battalion Chief on December 10, 1901 and Deputy Chief on January 1, 1925. He served as Deputy Chief for ten years during the regime of Chief Frank A. Joynes, his predecessor.

Chief Keating became a fireman on July 3, 1890 and on November 1, 1893 was advanced to an engineer. On January 1, 1903, he became Lieutenant and two years later. April 1, 1903, he was promoted to Captain. On April 1, 1921 he was appointed Battalion Chief and on September 10, 1930, Deputy Chief.

Ex-Chief W. J. CreeganChief Maurice Keating

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