Chief Dahill Has New Smoke Ejector

Chief Dahill Has New Smoke Ejector

Chief Edward F. Dahill, of New Bedford, Mass., has invented a smoke ejecting machine that is somewhat similar in principle to the smoke eating appliance recently developed by Chief C. W. Ringer, of Minneapolis, Minn. The ejector of Chief Dahill operates on hydraulic pressure instead of being connected with an automobile. It revolves a large ventilating fan and can lie used to suck out smoke and gases from cellars or other parts of burning buildings.

Under direction of Chief Dahill the mechanics in the New Bedford Fire Department constructed a portable device consisting of a water motor attached to a 30-inch fan which draws smoke through a 12-inch pipe and liberates it in the open. The ejector is inserted in a cellar window or any opening or trap door. The motor is operated by the force of water through ordinary fire hose connected to it. The 12-inch outlet pipe is constructed of swivel elbows making it flexible.

A test of the device was held in the cellar of the fire department repair shop in New Bedford with highly satisfactory results. A fire was started in a pile of feathers, burlap, and other smoke producing ingredients and when the cellar had become heavily charged with smoke the ejector was placed in operation.

After one minute and three quarters it was reported that the cellar was clear enough for firemen to walk through without difficulty and after three minutes of operations the cellar was entirely clear of smoke.

Spray of water is kept playing upon the revolving and working parts of the blower which prevents overheating and quenches any flame that may be sucked out by the fan. The fan in the blower is capable of making 1000 revolutions per minute. Captain James H. Downey, master mechanic of the New Bedford Fire Department, had the machine constructed from plans of Chief Dahill. The ejector is demountable and carried on a truck. It may be easily taken to any place or portion of a building from which it is desired to have smoke and gas removed to enable the hosemen to enter.

Smoke Ejector Designed by Chief Dahill of New Bedford.

At the last meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts held in Boston at the Elks’ Club, Chief Dahill showed some pictures of his device to a number of the chiefs present. They were all interested and expressed a desire to see the ejector in operation.

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