Chief Davis Opposes Budget Cut

Chief Davis Opposes Budget Cut

Chief Ross B. Davis, of Philadelphia, Pa., pointed out some of the things which the city must face if the City Council makes any serious cut in the budget for the Fire Department. The items listed are:

An increase of perhaps ten or fifteen per cent in fire insurance rates.

Dangerous curtailment of the fire-fighting service of the city.

Closing of some fire stations and the inability to open several new houses that are now greatly needed.

Continued operation of old equipment which should be replaced.

Increased hazards to life and property and the possibility that the city will fall below the standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

Chief Davis said, “For the last four years Philadelphia has held the enviable record of having the lowest fire loss in the United States. That, during the last year, has been upheld under the handicaps imposed by a budget cut previously made. The new cut will undoubtedly mean the woeful under-equipping and under-manning of the department to an extent where it will not be able to function with anything near its present efficiency.

“We are below the required margin for safety. We have houses, recently constructed and sorely needed, for which we have no men.”

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