Chief Donovan of Kansas City, Mo., Dead

Chief Donovan of Kansas City, Mo., Dead

Daniel F. Donovan, Chief of the Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department since September 1, 1927, died at his home on February 4 at the age of sixty-five.

He joined the Fire Department on June 4, 1886, and was promoted to Third Assistant Chief, June 21, 1900. He was advanced to Second Assistant Chief on April 21, 1902 and to First Assistant Chief, May 8, 1918. Nine years later Chief Donovan was made head of the department. He succeeded Chief Alex Henderson.

The Directors of the Chamber of Commerce stated in a resolution that was sent to the late Chief’s family:

“Chief Donovan served In the Fire Department forty-five years, the last four years as chief. H’e was known for his fearlessness and unselfishness to the department. The effectiveness of his efforts to make his city safe from fire can best be measured by the steady decline of fire losses under his leadership, reaching the lowest per capita level in 1931 that the city has experienced in twenty-four years.”

Chief Donovan w’as unmarried, and lived with three sisters.


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