Chief Evans Honored by His Men

Chief Evans Honored by His Men

John M. Evans, chief of the New Orleans Fire Department, was presented with a Morris chair and smoking stand by members of the department in appreciation of his many acts of kindness and in honor of his election for the third time as head of the department. The presentation was made by Mayor T. S. Walmsley who declared that the Chief’s thoughts, other than devotion to duty, have always been for the men.

In replying to the kind things said, Chief Evans stated:

It I have ever done anything for you, I am pleased. If I have ever had to discipline you for anything, I am sorry, for it is not my wish to be hard with you. I cannot find words to express my appreciation to you for the gift.”

About one hundred persons were present. The firemen’s band met the chief and mayor at the front of the station and escorted them into the court yard where the ceremonies were held. A movie was shown of the present administration, and light refreshments were served.

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