Chief Fisher Resigns From Dubuque

Chief Fisher Resigns From Dubuque

J. W. Fisher, head of the fire department in Dubuque, Ia., resigned to accept a similar position in Covington, Ky. At the request of O. E. Kratz, city manager of Covington and formerly city manager of Dubuque, Chief Fisher made a survey of the Covington department and helped Mr. Kratz in his reorganization plan s. Chief Fisher spent most of his fifteen-day vacation at this work, and started the same evolutions and drills that were in use in Dubuque. He made such an impression on local officials that several newspapers printed editorials urging the city to obtain Chief Fisher as fire commissioner. He was then offered the post. Before accepting, Mr. Fisher demanded that the man power of the Covington department be increased and that he be given assurance that the city would obtain more modern apparatus. Also that he would have full authority in building up the department.

In his ten years as chief of Dubuque, Ia., he was successful in establishing the department on a high plane.

He started his firemanic career as a fireman in Nashville, Tenn. He was a member of the department there for twelve years. During the World War he was made fire chief at Old Hickory, Tenn., where one of the largest ammunition plants was located. Fisher came to Dubuque in 1921 on the recommendation of E. E. Carr, the first city manager, and the National Board of Fire Underwriters. He is a firm believer in fire prevention and in thorough inspection work to reduce losses.

Chief J. W. Fisher

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