Chief Fox, Boston, Retires

Chief Fox, Boston, Retires

Chief Henry A. Fox, Boston Fire Department, retired on pension on November 18, having reached the age of 70 years, when retirement is compulsory for Boston municipal employees. Each one in the department was sorry to see him go. The esteem in which he is held by his associates was shown in a testimonial dinner, which was given in his honor at the Hotel Kenmore on the night of November 16.

He was appointed to the Boston Fire Department on October 15, 1886; promoted to Lieutenant on June 28, 1895; promoted to Captain on October 26, 1900; promoted to District Chief on March 9, 1906; promoted to Deputy Chief on July 12. 1920; promoted to Assistant Chief on December 26, 1924, and to Chief of Department on May 26. 1930.

In an editorial on November 13 the Boston Post said:

“In 1886 Henry Fox got a job in the Boston Fire Department. He was a good fireman and an ambitious young man. He fought his way through all the grades from that of private to Chief of the department. After more than 50 years of service he is retiring. He has a record of which to be proud. Things did not come easy for him through his career. He had to work and study. In the end he mastered his job. There are few public servants with a record as long as his. Boston has good reason to be proud of him.”

The souvenir program of the testimonial banquet contained the following tribute:

“Giving fifty years of faithful and untiring service to his native city in the Boston Fire Department, which he has always loved and which he still loves— beginning at the very bottom rung of the ladder and moving up step by step to the exalted and important position of Chief—displaying fortitude and courage in his duties and faith in his fellow men—Henry Fox has earned and enjoys the respect and admiration of all who know him. His numerous friends salute him with this tribute and expression of their deep affection and highest personal regard.”

The committee in charge of arrangements for the dinner was headed by Fire Commissioner Edward F. McLaughlin, Honorary Chairman.

Seated at the head table were:

Fire Commissioner and Mrs. McRaughlin; Acting Mayor John 1. Fitzgerald; Chairman Eugene C. Hultman, of the Metropolitan District Commission; Acting Postmaster Peter F. Tague; Chief Prank Oharlesworth, Providence. R. 1.; Rev. Charles N. Cunningham St. Paul’s Church, Dorchester; Hon. John .1. Attridge; Russell Codinan. Jr.; Chief and Mrs. Allen; Deputy Chief Downey; Chief and Mrs. Fox, and Senator Uwrence Curtis.

The occasion was enlivened by an orchestra and floor show and there were fancy hats, favors, and noise makers at each table. Chief Fox was presented with a check for a substantial sum and Mrs. Fox was given a huge basket of American Beauty Roses by Chief John W. O’Hearn. Watertown, Mass., in behalf of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs.

The speakers paid high tribute to Chief Fox as a man and as a fire fighter. When he arose to speak he received a real ovation, a fire siren and bell adding to the bedlam of noise. The Chief told some reminiscences of the days of horse drawn apparatus, paid tribute to the Commissioner and to his aids and associates, and expressed the hope that his successor will have the same loyal support and co-operation.

Officials at the Banquet

Out ot town officials attending the banquet included:

Chief Carl D. Stockwell, of Burlington, Vt., President of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Daniel B. Tierney, of Arlington. First Vice-President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief Fred A. Clark, Attleboro; Chief George L. Johnson, Watertown; Chief Hugh L. Karnes, Heading; Chief Henry Harrigan, Dedham; Chief Clarence R. Randlett, Newton; Chief Thomas A. Qualey, Medford; Chief Herman R. Gutheim, Cambridge; Chief Harold Conron, North Reading; Chief Manuel Miguel, Manchester; Chief William C. Mahoney, Peabody; Chief William J. Sands. Quincy; Fire Commissioner George Goode, Brookline; Daniel J. Rooney, Secretary of the Massachusetts Stale Firemen’s Association; Alfred N. Miner, of the Massachusetts Safety Council; P. Hildreth Parker, President of the Box 52 Association; Paxton Mendelssohn, the Box 12 Associates Detroit, Mich.; Percy C. Charnock, New England Insurance Exchange, and George F. Cobb, Commissioner of Firemen’s Relief.

Those Who Sent Greetings

Telegrams of greetings to Chief Fox were received from:

Chief Robert Bogan, Baton Rouge, Ra., President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs; Chief John M. Evans, New Orleans, Ra.; Chief Ralph J. Scott, Ros Angeles, Cal.; Chief Michael J. Corrigan, Chicago, I11.; Superintendent Frank McAuliffe, Chicago Fire Patrol; Chief John C. Moran, Hartford, Conn.; Fire Commissioner C. Hayward Murphy, Detroit, Mich.; Ex-Assistant Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, New York City; Chief Charles J. Brennan, San Francisco, Cal.; Jay W. Stevens, State Fire Marshal, San Francisco, Cal.; Chief John J. McElligott, New York; Fred Shepperd, editorial director. FIRE ENGINEERING; Police Commissioner Eugene M. McSweeney, Boston; Chief Walter Israel, Detroit, Mich.: Chief George Sinclair, Toronto, Canada; Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, Portland, Me.: Frank H. Smith. ex-Rieutenant of Chemical Co. No. 5, Boston; District Chief William McCorkle, Boston: Miss Rouise Washburn, and Miss Nell J. Anthony, of AVashington. D. C.

Ex-Chief Henry A. FoxThose Present at Dinner to Ex-Chief Henry A. Fox, Boston

Photo by Thomas A. Slater, Boston. Mass.

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