Chief Green Has Anniversary

Chief Green Has Anniversary

Thirty-three years ago, William C. Green was sworn in, on the sidewalk, during a blinding snowstorm, as head of the fire department in Concord, N. H. He was a member of the fire department for twelve years previous to his appointment as chief.

When February 13, 1928, comes around Chief Green will be seventy-five years old. Many changes have taken place in Concord during his regime. The first piece of motorized apparatus was purchased in 1913 and four years ago the city purchased its last unit. In 1896 the fire alarm system was improved and during the present year the new Gamewcll fire alarm system was installed.

Only one death has been recorded since Chief Green was in charge. A fireman lost his life in 1914 while fighting the Prison fire.

The mayor, city clerk, and all members of the fire department committee who took part in the reorganization of the department are now dead.

Chief Green is always present at the annual conventions of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs and the gatherings of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. His many friends will be pleased to learn of his long service.

Chief William C. Green

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